Humanity brings hope and is a personality trait which every individual should possess and exhibit. It is a value that should be inculcated in the kids in our society so that they can go on to become better people and powerful leaders of tomorrow. Knowledge about the world, politics and world leaders is also important.With this thought in mind,schools and educational institutes organize model congress meets and sessions that put steps forward to bring in critical thinking, reasoning and writing skills in the students.

Model congress is an active and thoroughly engaging opportunity for students to hone their skills and gain a better understanding of legislative processes and debates. Due to this reason, there are debate camps organized by the associations to offer unique experiences and learning opportunities to students interested in the field. Model congress offers students an engaging open platform to students for coming up with their thinking of relative and legislative issues. It is a role playing simulation to enrich their experiences where they get to raise their voice on societal issues and humanity’s problems. Usually the role play simulations are organized in a way that recognized universities and colleges give an opportunity to the students to join hands for social causes.

To further acknowledge the need of student participation and building leadership skills, certain colleges/High schools participate in Model United Nations – usually termed as Model UN or MUN. It is a competitive debate league where in the delegates (the participants) take part with their students and discuss matters related to humanities, legislative issues, critical societal factors, education and more. This competitive league is conducted in a way that renowned high schools from all over the USA take part in the debate. The bodies who conduct it make sure that the decorum and ethics and maintained during the entire learning or debate process.

MUN offers an opportunity to high school/middle school students to learn diplomacy, international relations and politics and take up a lot of critical writing work. It certainly enhances their learning of the United Nations and international legislative structure. Moreover the learning doesn’t end here - the students become smart in public speaking, debates and research work. These qualities definitely will help them to grow as an erudite and learned human being.

The participants or the delegates in model united nations are given an assignment well in advance for them to prepare before the session of MUN starts. They are to prepare on the given topics on which they or their committee will speak. Each committee here has a chair (a moderator) who explains the rules and regulations during the discussion. The dais is handled by one of the member from MUN committee. All the discussions between governing bodies and delegates takes place with the research work submitted, in the end of the conference the best performing delegate or the committee or the high school/middle school is often presented with awards and recognition.

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Charlize Gordon is a trained professional associated with personality grooming training since eight years. She believes that participation in activities where children and adults get to voice their opinion help in building a confidence in social standings. She highly recommends in high spirits.

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